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A Landscape Installation Design

Maze, usually represents complicated and confused paths as well as homogeneous spaces. Most of the time we just see the same views inside a maze while the most interesting part of the maze is about the complex paths which make sure we will get lost. But for the kaleidoscope, it creates different pictures all the time and we never find the same patterns. During the Vanke Tianhua Cup, we considered to make a landscape installation design which was inspired from the maze but also combined the benefits of the kaleidoscope at the same time. Since we were required to finish the construction quickly, we needed to simpify our details and construction process and considered the materials carefully in order to achive our targets. At the end of the competition, because of the light, simple and durable structure, it only took us less than one day to build up this whole project. The ability to proliferate allow it to be adapted to multipl environment and as a result we were invited to other exhibitions.

So,what can we do to translate a maze into a hybrid which has both labyrinthic and ever-changing properties ?

Project Information:

For 2014 Fall Vanke Tianhua Cup Build & Design, Masterpiece Award
Installation Design and Construction

Team Work, 2014
Teammate: Yihang Huang, Lihan Jin, Linshen Xie, Jun Li
Construction has been finished in South University of Technology, 2014

Role in Team: Team Founder, Concept Development, Analysis Drawing, Physical Model, Construction, Photographs

Individual Research and Record, 2016 

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