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Project | M-OUNT

Residential Building Design

Nowadays, it's hard for people in Detroit to afford luxury apartments. Under such circumstance, small apartments and fabricated modular design could be effective way to lower the building cost in order to relieve financial burden.

In this project, we use "Mountain" as the basic entry point to begin our design. Mountain could be divided into different levels. We usually have our social life and commercial activities at the bottom of the mountain because that's the most convenient spaces for us to communicate with the outside world. The middle level of mountain is usually used as place for residence since this area can make it easy to get down to the bottom level while it's much more quiet and safe for living. As for the upper level of the mountain, it can be used as leisure space and working space. 

According to the analysis and primary idea above, we achieve clear logic to arrange not just programming but also our design orientation.

Project Information:

Architectural Design, 2018
Team Work 
Teammate: Jiajun Yin
Site: Detroit, Michigan, USA

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