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Redesign for Highway I-375 in Detroit

Hastings Boulevard is the meandering entrance to the city of Detroit. Formerly I375, our development rectifies Downtown Detroit's design, that rebuffed the rest of the city, as well as dissolves the barrier the highway created. Incoporating commercial viability to the boulecard and developing high-density residential areas were the two major forces that fashioned this design. We sought to create nodes of attraction that would make this boulevard a vibrant part of the city, additionally enhancing the major roadways of Lafayette, Larned, and Jefferson that flowed into Detroit.

Bringing the boulevard on grade with the city revealed an opportunity to implement an underground parking system that would serve the preexisting community, the expanding numbers of Detroiters, and the new residential and commercial developments in this design. Implementing new modes of public transportation and expanding the routes of the People Mover and public bus system were designed to foster a reduction in Detroit’s dependence on cars. 

Detroit is currently developing its waterfront and creating “Green Fingers” that leads residents and visitors to the Detroit River. Hastings Boulevard is developed to be another apparatus in this urban design to establish Detroit as a destination city.

Project Information:

Urban Design, 2018
Team Work
Teammate: Xavier Scipio
Site: Detroit, Michigan, USA

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