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A Cemetery Extension Design

Life and death are two relatively independent fields since ancient times. In China, the space of the deceased and the living are different from each other. The word "Cemetery" always implies a sense of boundary, which represents a closed and independent space. 

However, the lack of land and high population density make HongKong to be a special place: it has to confront the shortage of residential areas and cemetries at the same time. It's really luxurious to build cemetery only for the dead in cities with high population density and urban land tension. Besides, Hong Kong is a special place where urban areas are usually stick to the cemeteries because of some historical reasons and policies. And most of the boundaries between the urban areas and the cemeteries are just earth-retaining walls or desolate paths. As a result, we consider that cemeteries in these cities should play a new role in urban area. What's more, we hope that this project isn't just meaningful to the dead but also tell the living to get rid of their fear of death and rise from the ash.

So, is it possible to translate a traditional extension of the cemetery into a new type which meets the needs of the living and the dead at the same time?

Project Information:

Architectural Design, 2016
Team Work (August, 2016)
Teammate: Da Chen
Sole Rework (October to November, 2016)
Site: HongKong, China

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